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Saturday 2nd of July 2022 -
As well as the free version, there is now a 7 day unrestricted trial version available.
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Quick Start Guide

Please follow the instruction below to setup your copy of DazAutoInstaller.

The first step is to create a new folder where you are going to put all of the content that you want DazAutoInstaller to install

Next click Settings on the main window

Use the Magnifying glass to browse for folders

If there is a problem with the path you have selected, clicking the '?' will tell you the reason your path has been rejected.

Installer folder Path, this is the path to the folder that you just created in the first step.

This Path should only contain Folders, Zip Files, 7Zip Files, Rar Files and Exe Files.

Daz Libary Path is the path used by DAZ Studio for the new format of content.

Poser Libary Path is the path used by DAZ Studio for old content, formally known as Poser.

This can be the same as the Daz path if you don't want your content separating.

If Daz Studio has already been installed and used, you can just click this button to set up the correct paths for you.

Once you have populated all three fields just click this button to verify that the paths are correct and save the settings.

Now, all you need to do is click the start Installing button and let DazAutoInstaller install all of your content.

This button is provided so that you can change the installer folder path that was set up in the settings dialog.

You should not need to use this button unless you decide to install from another location.