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Saturday 2nd of July 2022 -
As well as the free version, there is now a 7 day unrestricted trial version available.
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Bring Installers to front while macro is active- Setting this option will case DAZ Auto installer to make the DAZ Product installer appear above all open windows.

Quick Install - Daz Auto Installer searches inside an archive file and locates all daz / Poser content. Then it read’s the data in these files and locates all of the required files associated and with it. Once it has done this it creates an extraction list based on the information it has gathered.It then extracts the files to the correct location thus ensuring that DAZ studio will be able to load the asset. Because this process can take some time you can use this option to disable the verification process.

Keep Extracted Archives or Installers - Clicking this will give you the options to Keep all extracted archive files or install files. With these options set the installer will move the extracted files to ++Done folder instead of deleting them.

Extract Content from old installers - The old poser content installers will not run on the new versions of windows However DAZ Auto installer can extract the content from the poser installers and install it into DAZ Studio. If this option is u nchecked DAZ Auto installer will skip the old installers.

Prevent windows from sleeping - With this checked windows should not go into standby while the installer is busy

Auto Shrink While Installing - This option tells DAZ Auto Installer whether or not to put the installer into shrink mode while DAZ Product Installers are being processed.

Switch to Basic Mode - Clicking this will hide all controls that are not required to get you started.

Show Extraction Windows - If this is unchecked the DAZ Auto Installer will not show any of the extraction window while extracting.

Hide Unneeded Folders - If this option is checked DAI will verify the contents of the folders that it has installed to. If any of the folders do not contain a DAZ studio object file it will set the folder as hidden. It does this so that you Daz folder structure in Daz studio is easier to navigate.

Check For New Version - With this option set DAZ Auto Installer will verify that you are using the latest version every time it starts.

Skip already installed - If this is checked Daz Auto installer will ignore any content that has previously been installed. and move it to ++Done

Delete Once Installed - If you are using the same drive for both your DAZ Studio files and the Installer directory you could Find that you run out of space quite quickly. Setting this option Will cause DAZ Auto Installer to delete the source content once it has been successfully installer.

Ignore Duplicates - Seting this will cause DAZ Auto installer to skip any archive file that contains the same contents as a folder in the same package. And Also skip any folders with duplicate content.

Create install log - Once DAI has completed installing it will show a coloured status log that shows a list of the items that have been instaled along with the insatll success. With this checked DAI will create a time stamped text file containing the results.

Package Mode - Run Installer in Package Mode – Full Version Only.