Activation Server On-Line
The Current Version is
Saturday 2nd of July 2022 -
As well as the free version, there is now a 7 day unrestricted trial version available.
Quick Start Guide
Icons & Controls
Settings Dialog
Options Menu
Tools Menu
File Verifier
List mode
Package mode
Icons & Controls

1) SB_Logo - This logo will be animated whenever Daz Auto Installer is doing something.

Also, if you hover the mouse over this it will show you a copy of the status box(10).

2) Settings - Clicking this will open the settings dialog.

3) Installer Tab - Clicking this will select the installer window.

4) Options Menu - Clicking this will show the options dropdown menu.

This menu allows you to customize the way Daz Auto Installer works.

5) Uninstaller Tab - Clicking this will select the uninstaller window.

6) Tools Menu - Clicking this will show the tools dropdown menu.

7) Help Menu - Clicking this will show the help dropdown menu.

This contains links to the usermanual,getting started and activation help.

8) File Varifier Tab - Clicking this will select the file verifier window.

9) Activation - Clicking this will open the activation dialog.

10) Status box - This shows a realtime account of the installer's activities.

11) Preview image box - This shows the associated image of the current file being processed.

This can be toggled on or off by double clicking it.

12) HDD Icon - This indicates whether installed content is moved to done or deleted

13) Move to front Icon - This indicates whether move to front for installers is or disabled

14) Shrink/Minimise button - This button will shrink the window to Progress only mode when the window is in normal or maximised or minimise if the window is in progress only mode

15) Normal/Maximise button - This button will expand the window to its normal size when the window is in Progress only or maximise if the window is in normal mode

16) Close button - This button will close the app if DAI is not busy, if DAI is busy it will prompt the user with the option to complete the current item, or just close.

17) Remaining space indicator - This shows how much space is remaing on the drive containing the Daz library folder.

18) Select folder button - This will open the folder browser dialoge, and allow the user to change the folder that contains the items to be installed.

19) Start Install/Cancel button - This button will start the installation process, if there are items to be installed and it is not busy.

If DAI is busy, it will change to a red cancel button.

if it is pressed in this mode, DAI will prompt the user with the option to complete the current item, or just stop installing immediately.

20) Refresh List button - This button will rescan the install folder and refresh the list or package tree with the contents.

21) Progress Panel - This panel contains three progress bars and six text areas.

It is used to give real time progress and information about DAI's current operation.

22) Main Installer Panel - This area is used to display several windows.

The window displayed will depend on the installer mode, and installer current operation.

23) Current item box - This shows an image that indicates the type of item currently being installed.

The item types are :

a) Folder

b) Winrar

c) Zip

d) 7zip

e) exe - This will display the installer's icon image if it can, otherwise, it will show

24) Current path box - This shows the current path to the content being installed.