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The Current Version is
Wednesday 5th of October 2022 -
As well as the free version, there is now a 7 day unrestricted trial version available.

About Daz Auto Installer

I started playing around with DAZ Studio and through a bit of searching, I discovered that there is lots of shared content available for it on the internet if you know where to look.

However, the main problem I found was that most of the content was in compressed files.

Uncompressing the files is not a problem for most people, but knowing where to copy the files that are included in the compressed file can be.

The reason for this, is that there can be many nested folders in a compressed file - therefore just extracting the file into your DAZ library folder will not put all of the files into the correct locations.

This will mean that DAZ Studio won’t know where to find them, therefore the content will not be usable.

This content can be categorized into one of the following groups:

  • Folders - This is a set of folders which can contain DAZ Files, DAZ installers or Archive files.

  • Archive files – This is a file or set of files that contains a compressed version of the above.
  • The most common formats are ZIP, RAR and 7Zip.

  • Installers - These are windows installer files that will install the DAZ content, providing you point it to the correct location.

  • Poser Installers - These are old windows installer files that were used to install content into Poser, which I believe was a predecessor to DAZ Studio.

  • These installers are no longer compatible with Windows, however, the registered version of Daz Auto Installer can extract and install the contents of these files into DAZ Studio.

Even if you manage to figure out where to copy the many different files and folders to, and also which installers are required...

Adding all of your content into DAZ Studio can be an extremely long-winded and time-consuming process!

DAZ Auto Installer was created in order to completely automate this process.

With this program, you can simply just copy all of your downloaded content into one place.

With just a couple of clicks, the DAZ Auto installer will extract all the archive files, and copy all files to the correct locations.

Once it has done this, it will continue to run all the installers automatically, and click the required buttons for you.

This leaves you free to go off and do something else!

Creating this program has taken a lot of time and research, which is why I have decided to charge a small fee for the unrestricted version.

However, you can use the free version for as long as you wish without any obligation to purchase.