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Saturday 2nd of July 2022 -
As well as the free version, there is now a 7 day unrestricted trial version available.
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Once you have made sure that you have the latest version and that you have a valid acount on the server you can do the following

Click Activation on the main window

Put the Email that you just used to pay in the email box

Now just Click Activate online

Email - Activation

Make sure you have put the Email that you just used to pay in the email box, then click create file.

This will open up the folder browser to allow you to select a location to save the request file.

Once you have created the file Please create an email to with the subject 'DazAutoInstaller Licence Request' and attach the file.

If your request is accepted you will receive an email back with with a zip.file attached

Please extract the contents and run the licence.exe File.

Next, just drag the big golden key onto the padlock.

If the licence file is valid for your machine you will see a small animation of the key turning and the padlock will open.

Daz Auto Installer is now activated.